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SeaAngel REC-AIS/DSC, 7 yr Battery, 72 Run Time - RECRETAIONAL UNIT - US Marine Supply LLC

$265.00 $279.00 not inc. TAX

Availability: 100 in stock

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Product Description

Product Code: FSA15E


A must for all responsible parents, sportsmen and everyone who does water sports activities

Our products in the ECO Line are affordable and reliable products for your safety in the recreational market. We test and produce according high commercial standards.

ECO stands for high quality to a low price to introduce these outstanding safety products in the recreational market and increases the safety at sea.

Decision was made to give this competitive price directly to customer and not to the big players. We are confident to serve you directly with the same quality than others.

Our AIS safety and location devices, AIS MOB is the little brother of AIS SART, gives an unique emergency signal within the AIS system. With GPS we receive in approx. 45 – 60 sec the position of the MOB device. Every minute a message burst goes in the AIS network and you can be found very easily.

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